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facial slimming

What is facial slimming?

Facial slimming is a broad term to describe a combination of cosmetic procedures in Singapore that involves injecting muscle-relaxing or anti-wrinkle solutions (such as BTX) into the jaw, allowing the surrounding muscles to relax. This leads to a slimming or V-shaped effect in the face as the muscles shrink down. 

It is a common treatment for those seeking a slimmer and more contoured facial shape without invasive surgery. It also helps to prevent signs of ageing by reducing excess fat and tightening the face for a firm and youthful look, along with eliminating double chins and saggy facial jowls. 

Besides aesthetic purposes, facial slimming is also a common treatment for those who grind and clench their teeth (Bruxism), because it releases tension in the jaw that causes pain, headaches, and discomfort. The treatment allows them to unclench their teeth and relax their jaws. 

Facial slimming treatment plans are often customised to the individual’s specific face shape and type, as well as the look they are trying to achieve. Depending on the patient, facial slimming can also involve other aesthetic procedures such as laser treatments to further tighten the skin to remove excess fat and contribute to a smaller and leaner face shape. 

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How does facial slimming work?

When injectables are inserted in the face, the masseter muscles on the jaw relax and tension is dissipated. This allows the facial muscles to shrink and the face to slim down. If needed, excess fat in the face may also be removed, and a wide or boxy shaped jaw can also be reduced or adjusted to enable a slimmer face shape. 

At Regen Clinic, our facial slimming treatments involves the following:

Our doctor will discuss with you on the severity of your condition and your desired results, before deciding on the best treatment option for you.

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Benefits of facial slimming

  • Relaxes tension in the jaw 
  • Smaller and slimmer face shape
  • Smoother and more youthful skin texture
  • Eliminates saggy skin, excess fat, face jowls, and double chins
  • Improves self-confidence 

What conditions can facial slimming treat in Singapore?

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What results can I expect?

Upon receiving treatment for facial slimming, you can expect a slimmer and V-shaped jawline. Your face should look noticeably smaller. Plus, your jaw muscles may feel looser and look more relaxed as well.

Excess fat on the face that contributes to double chins, face jowls, and saggy skin will be eliminated, leading to a tighter and smoother skin appearance. If you suffer from Bruxism, you may also feel relief from symptoms such as pain and headaches. 

How many treatment sessions are needed?

The number of treatment sessions for facial slimming depend on the individual, their jaw and face shape, and the amount of excess fat they already have. In general, it is recommended to repeat sessions every 6-9 months to maintain skin firmness and prevent fat from building up again. 

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FAQS ABOUT Facial Slimming

Frequently Asked Questions
01. How long does facial slimming last?
Facial slimming treatments can last around 6-9 months, depending on the individual.
02. Is facial slimming safe in Singapore?
As a non-surgical procedure, facial slimming treatments are known to be safe and do not cause any long-term damage to the face. However, it is best to consult with our doctor who is experienced in the field if you have concerns about this treatment.
03. Is facial slimming permanent?
Facial slimming treatments are not fully permanent and require regular sessions to maintain the face shape.
04. Is facial slimming for men or women?
Both men and women can undergo facial slimming treatments as it is a popular cosmetic procedure to reduce excess fat and allow for a more contoured and smaller jawline.
05. Are there side effects with facial slimming treatments?
You may experience short-term side effects such as swelling and pain after the procedure, but they are generally low-risk and will resolve on their own.


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