Q-Switched Laser treatment singapore

Q-Switched Laser

What is Q-Switched Laser?

Q-Switched Laser is an FDA-approved pigmentation solution in Singapore targeted at treating conditions such as melasma, lentigines and pigmented lesions. It has the ability to concurrently rejuvenate and catalyse the healing capabilities of the skin by promoting collagen production.

One of the key strengths of this laser is the ability to deliver stable and efficient beams that minimise risks of damage to surrounding tissues. Q-Switched is a solution for patients seeking to transform their discolouration into a canvas of smooth, rejuvenated, and brightened skin.

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How does Q-Switched Laser work?

Q-Switched Laser is a  treatment delivered by doctors. This laser comes with dual-pulse technology, which allows for a higher amount of energy (concentrated light energy known as photons) to be administered without compromising your safety and comfort. It has the ability to penetrate deeper levels of the dermis, even effectively removing tattoos. 

Q-Switched Laser is directed at the areas of pigmentation which are delivered to deeper levels of your dermis. The excess melanin in the affected regions is fragmented and broken down to be subsequently flushed out by the lymphatic system. 

Whether your stubborn pigmentation is caused by scars, sun damage, hormonal changes, or age-related skin changes, the Q-Switched Laser has the multi-capability to address them all. The non-ablative nature of the laser promotes skin resurfacing which can even improve the appearance of wrinkles. 

Upon consultation, the condition of your skin is assessed and the appropriate number of treatments required will be assigned. Your skin condition and improvement will be monitored closely during your visits. You will be advised to practice high sun protection to allow the best outcome from the Q-Switched Laser treatment which would include applying sunscreens (SPF 50 and above), hats and sunglasses. You will also be asked to avoid any form of chemical exfoliants to allow a gentle healing and recovery process.

Pigmentation issues

common Benefits of Q-Switched Laser in singapore:

  • Statistically safe and effective 
  • Significantly reduces hyperpigmentation 
  • Rejuvenates skin 
  • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles and signs of ageing 
  • Brightens complexion 
  • Suitable for Asian complexions 
  • Minimally invasive with a short recovery time

What conditions can Q-Switched Laser treat in singapore?

Q-switched Lasers can be used to treat the following conditions:

  • Lentigo 
  • Melasma
  • Hyperpigmentation from acne scars
  • Hyperpigmentation from skin disorders
  • Benign melanosis (Nevus of Ota)
  • Freckles
  • Birthmarks 
  • Pigmented lesions
  • Big pores and deep scars


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What results can I expect after Q-Switched Laser treatment?

In general, Q-Switched Laser treatment has no downtime. Some patients may observe some redness or pinkish appearance in the region treated, however, this is no cause of concern. This will subside as healing and recovery take place.

Where the condition is severe, you may be asked to cover the area of treatment to ensure maximum level of protection. You can expect complete healing to take anywhere between 7-10 days depending on your skin’s capability for cell turnover.

You can expect pigmentation to blend in with the rest of your face upon recovery, significantly reducing the appearance of darkness. Additionally, your face would become more taut and bright, giving off a youthful appearance.

How many treatment sessions of Q-Switched Laser treatment would I need?

The number of treatments administered will depend upon the severity of your pigmentation. Deeper levels of pigmentation may require more treatments. The range may vary anywhere between 2-6 treatment sessions. You will be able to observe changes even after the first treatment with conditions improving in subsequent treatment sessions.

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FAQS ABOUT Q-Switched Laser

Frequently Asked Questions
01. Are the results from the Q-Swicthed Laser permanent?
Yes, the results are permanent. However, recurring pigments can occur from poor maintenance behaviour such as unprotected sun exposure and picking at scars. Additionally, conditions which cause changes in hormones, for instance, may cause new formation of pigmentation patches. It is important to note that lasers do not have the ability to treat underlying conditions that are causing pigmentation.
02. Is Q-Switched Laser better than chemical peels?
In terms of precision of treatment, Q-Switched is superior to chemical peels. Additionally, you will also witness quicker results with any lasers in general compared to chemical peels. Q-Switched Laser also tends to be gentler to the skin without damaging surrounding, healthy skin which is a potential risk that may occur with chemical peels.
03. Can Q-Switched Laser cause scarring?

Q-Switched Laser aims to treat scarring not cause them. When used correctly, it has no opportunity to exacerbate your condition. It is important that you obtain treatment from qualified and experienced professionals who are skilled at administering laser treatments.


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